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Counting The Cost of Nike’s Bended Knee

Nike just did it!

They joined forces with swathes of protesting NFL Players, led by Colin Kaepernick.

The sportswear giant signed Kaepernick on a multi-year deal that makes him a face of the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign. They doubled up on the ‘Kap’ reveal with a video that aims to rile up the outlier in you.

Now, considering the amount of time and resources that Nike has invested into building a gilt-edged brand over the course of its existence; the high perch it commands on the roll call of admirable American brands, the financial indices any company would covet longingly, the ever fierce competition from Mr Adi Dasler’s camp, and the bulk of what it stands to gain versus losing; did it really count the cost of taking a knee?


Is this road less taken, an all too familiar route where they need no introduction?

Firstly, I believe the brand is playing the loyal friend. Beyond that Kaepernick has been a Nike-sponsored athlete since 2011 and had previously been featured in several campaigns, the brand has a long history of partnering with athletes of colour. This partnership gives them an edge in marketing a certain image as they (continue to) walk on this road less taken.

But then again, that’s just Nike doing Nike things.

Since the Kaepernick tweet that arbitrarily announced the Ni-Kap bromance, ‘the world’ has been divided into two major halves – one half thumbed it up, while the other half not only vowed a massive boycott, but went on to torch anything that has the Nike swoosh on it.

Add the massive boycott threats, gear torching and a plethora of articles, to the creative hashtags across social media, high level op-eds and general word-on-the-streets, you have a great meal of free publicity. Add that to an avante-garde, publicity-conscious brand, you have a banquet.

For a brand that is ever in your face, encouraging creativity, innovation and daring the outlier in you, it is only a matter of formality to even think they need an introduction to this particular stage.

For brand watchers (like me 😉), the division would be evened out into two camps – the conservatives and the outlaws. The former would admit Nike has been doing relatively well in a sports market that is constantly under pressure but would maintain it cannot afford to make (potentially) bad decisions. Anything which has the tendency to damage market share, such as overtly political campaigns, should be treated like a plague.

The outlaws would pitch in the opposite direction – that was Nike just being Nike. While they might admit the move by was risky (which is merely letting off steam of arrogance), they would quickly follow up with the narrative that ‘risky’ moves are necessary to stay relevant and stay ahead. Nike, though an American enterprise, has grown to be a global brand with a far-reaching audience, a lot bigger than those within the borders of where it was birthed. Hence, it would certainly not be affected by alt-right semantics from a portion of people.

Conservatives would retort; that exactly is enough reason to stay away from potentially damaging firecrackers, especially as the brand becomes a global behemoth.

Outlaws would counter that however big a tree grows, it can’t grow too big and completely detach from its roots. Hence, Nike will never shy away from identifying with its roots – what made it what it currently is. It becomes increasingly imperative by the day for brands to take a stand on social issues of global scale, younger consumers want to know what their favorite brands stand for – more of a reason to take a stance.

For all the argument is worth, Nike has since inception, been walking the route of Robert Frost’s traveler in poetic classic; The Road Less Taken:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I –

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

While you can choose the camp of the Conservative or Outlaw, understand that it is configured in Nike’s DNA to be the latter – to walk on the road less taken. If anything, we would be worried had they decide to sit back and play safe.

For all they have stood for and for all they are worth, they are pathfinders on this road, and that, for them, has made all the difference.

Caveat: Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

A Peep Into The Year 2018

From political shocks to borderless internet trends, Twitter bombs, and rapid awakening of AI, 2017 earned the tag “A year of extremes”, will 2018 surpass this ?  No one knows for sure.

Here’s a peep into what the year has in stock, enjoy!

January: Elon Musk plans to launch his red Tesla Roadster to Mars orbit.

February 9-25: The 2018 Winter Olympics to be held  in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The host nation’s not-so-friendly neighbours from the North might also make appearance at the games.  And of course, Naija’s own Bobsled girls will represent the country at Winter Olympics.

April: Prince William and Kate Middleton will (likely) deliver third child.

May 19: Prince Harry will marry American actress, Meghan Markle.

June 14: The 2018 FIFA world cup is scheduled to be held in Russia.

June 24: Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive.

July 2: Mars will make its closest approach to Earth since 2003.

Let’s bring it back home for a while. In Nigeria, we expect 2018 to be a year of politics and political dramas. The gubernatorial elections for Osun and Ekiti state are set to hold this year. Also, the 2019 elections campaigners will definitely get in the ring this year after the main parties, APC and PDP conclude their primaries .

In the world of fashion, major brands are already on course for their 2018 plans. For instance, Gucci will to become fur-free, no more of those soft cozy fur jackets. Animal rights activists will be pleased.  Also, French luxury brand Chanel is set to open its first outlet in the Philippines by the first quarter of 2018. Generally, we expect the following trends to rule 2018 fashion scene: Statement earrings, Berets, Wide-leg pants, Derma Rollers, side slit action, Ol-school Denim, Sleek and wavy hair, Larger-than-life lashes, Geo-nails, Long layers,, Sheer socks, extreme hair lengths, Bright shadows. Colours and more colours. Be prepared for ultra violet shocks.

In world entertainment, sit tight and expect some major bars from foreign Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Major Lazer, Fall out boy, Charli XCX, MGMT, Interpol, Craig David, Owl city, Celine Dion, Selena Gomez and Toni Braxton. We don’t have to emphasize the heavy anticipation for The Avengers Infinity Wars right? If we’re going by the quality of the teaser, then for sure 2018 is about to be a damn good year. Other movies to watch out for : The much anticipated Black Panther set for release this year. Also, Fifty Shades Freed debuts on the 9th February.

In the tech world, we’ve had some major brands and personalities announce their plans for 2018:

Google will ditch Symantec security certificates, stopping it from the release of Chrome 66 in 2018.

Donald Trump has ambitious plans to campaign in 2018 midterms. Hello Twiworld, you ain’t seen nothing.

Apple will likely release three new iPhone models in 2018, one of which will be a mobile with bendable curved display.

To show the tussle is still on, Samsung announced that it plans to release a foldable smartphone in 2018, seems 2018 will be the year of flexible mobiles.

We can confidently say 2018 will be a year of giant steps (and fights), you have two options: grab your popcorn and watch or join in the fray, we’ll take the second.

Here’s to kicking asses!

The “BC” era designer.

So the season got us thinking, from a design POV, LOL.

And you know when you think deep, you start asking questions. We eventually found ourselves wondering what type of cradle an expectant father, who also doubled as a  furniture designer, would have designed for the bundle of Joy to come. We really would love to know, but since we can’t, we’d like to know what YOU would have designed for your baby if you were Joseph.

So we designed a Cradle Sketch Contest (see video below) to see the amazing cradle designs Nigerians can come up with. Simply create your own cradle design concept and share with us using #onewildcradle

Sketch, Upload and Tag us on  Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the #onewildcradle

The best design wins a special gift.

Let’s see what you got!!


Terms & Conditions:

  • Entrants must NOT be younger than 15 or older than 30.
  • The entry submitted must be an original work.
  • Entry must be clear and visible enough for judging.
  • ONEWILDCARD has the right to request proof of original sketch.
  • Entries must be uploaded on a social media platform to qualify.
  • Decisions of judges on all matters during judging are final.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed.
  • Entry must be submitted by 11:59pm 19th of January, 2018.
  • Winner will be announced in January 2018.
  • By submitting an entry, the entrant hereby grants ONEWILDCARD and its agents an irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive license to publish and use the entry in any publication, advertisement, marketing or promotional material


Independence to us at OneWildcard is shoving out that person(s) driving your life and grabbing that wheel. This is what we believe our nationalist heroes and heroines did. And this, is the insight behind Inde-Bants. Continue reading →

Mandela: #OneWildConviction


Black sheep are different. They are wild, they breeze through restrictions just because…it’s their nature. They stand strong for their beliefs and they keep going towards their goal regardless. You might break them in bones, but not in spirit. But are they always bad? Who says “black-sheeping” is bad anyway?

What does it take to be different? To have a voice that leads the cowardly whimpers of thousands? To stretch out one’s neck for a dare and own up to one’s actions?

It’s guts. Lots of guts. Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela had it in trailer loads and for this he is celebrated till today. However, it’ll be a stupid thing to do not having a deep knowledge of what you are doing while having the famed guts. On the fall of 1964, April, when he made his speech from the dock, he said,

“I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

This isn’t just any conviction of his actions, it is a conviction based on deep rooted knowledge, marinated in the hot sauce of his experiences and baked in the heat of his dreams for his country. If this foundation of his wasn’t as strong, he would have been a blubbering mess at the Rivonia Trial. He would have bent in Robben Island rather than bend the authority to his will.


You know another way Rivonia Trial could have been famous? Right. He could have turned and kissed the government’s ass to save himself from being convicted. But we all know he didn’t. And that, is one wild conviction (in all meanings of the word) that we recognize.

On this day, we rise to the memory of the man who was different, declared himself a rebel and gave the finger to the minority government he fought.

To Madiba, uBawomkhulu… #OneWildSoul