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World Cup Jerseys: We’ve got you covered.

The hype that preceded the official release of the Nike designed Nigerian football team jersey obviously got us all pumped up. Haven been rated the best among the kits released ahead of the 2018 World Cup, it was evident that everyone wanted a piece of it.

We waited patiently for the official release, only to hear/read it’s SOLD OUT.



So we found a way for everyone to own a piece of it, not just the #naija jersey but all 5 of the African countries participating at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The jerseys are available for download and can be worn as social media covers, mobile and desktop wallpapers.





Facebook Cover

Twitter Cover



White Mobile

White Desktop

White Facebook Cover

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Black Facebook Cover

Black Mobile Wallpaper 

Black Twitter Cover





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Free World Cup Jerseys




Facebook Cover

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So you see, for the 2018 World Cup Jerseys, we’ve got you covered. Got a friend who should see this ? Share with’em.


In Time, Drones Have Come to Stay.

Oh the stars, they shine down

They move like hands unseen

In their wake they leave me a map

With my eyes raised, I read the future.

— A bird.

A little side note; I’m the bird.

If you haven’t seen Time magazine’s latest cover, you should check it out. Aptly titled “The Drone Age”, it delves into drone technology and how it’s changing the world. Note the use of ‘it is’ and not ‘will’.

The cover design and the camera shot were done with drones, it is by no means out of place if I say the team did a damn good job with the whole operation. With the success Intel Corp. had 3 months ago when it used 1,218 drones to create the Olympic rings at the 2018 Winter Olympics, I would say a feat like the Time cover is expected. After all, there’s that saying not to rest on one’s oars right?

While we have been carried away by sci-fi, especially films, drones have been creeping up on us. They are no longer the future, they are now. Time’s Alex Fitzpatrick was quite right when he said,

“Civilian uses have long been more promise than reality. That’s finally changing…”

To put that comment in perspective, last year at the GTBank Fashion Weekend , I saw drones flying all about the venue, creeping up behind people like little monsters. This shows that accessibility to the tech is averagely high and when you can get one for a few hundred dollars, you sure can add this to the excitement of the ability to reach places our body can’t reach with our eyes.

Earlier in the year, the fashion world was excited about the ‘in your face’ stunt by Dolce and Gabbana at the Milan Fashion Week. The brand used drones rather than models to showcase its bags on the runway. Lisa Franklin, a London-based facialist is also courting the use of drone technology.

In 2015, Katsu used a drone to spray-paint Kendall Jenner’s face on a billboard. Reuben Wu uses them for photography.

The adoption rate of drones is quite high and rapidly increasing. And this is not restricted to security operations and movie production alone. In the medical field, quite a number of organizations are already more than used to it. Talking of Doctors Without Borders, Zipline, Matternet and others. Some of these organizations partner with governments to get needed supplies to far-flung places.

In telecommunication, a good example is AT&T. it used a drone called The Flying Cow to beam mobile data signals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria unleashed its fury. Agriculture is not left out either. I remember reading in Bio-Strike about a drone that sprays and monitors crops. Turned out that’s as true as the nose on my face.

Brands like Amazon, Facebook, Red Bull, Just Eat, UPS, DHL, Coca-Cola, Shell… they are all using drones to pull off one innovative idea or the other. I can go on and on. All these point to the possibilities drone technology holds for us all. On the flip-side, it’s also a glimpse into the threats that drones pose.

As Fitzpatrick put it, “like it or not, the sky above is about to become busier” with Time. Yes, that’s a limp play at pun 🙂

A Shallow Thought on “This is America”.

‘Here’s this thought. I made a thing out of it, and there’s a whole world contained in there.’ I want you to be able to immerse yourself in it.”


  • Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino


Everyone is looking for the deepness in This is America and it’s like a gold hunt, down to the drag-in-the-mud parts. Cruising through comments street on social media, with Twitter being the pack lead of course, I got increasingly amused at the way many were getting all hot and twitchy. It got me wondering if there’s anyone else who thinks all the excitement is like getting all hot and blue-balled without release (in sight).

Sure, the video is shocking. Bizarre. All in your stricken face but you still can’t see it all. It’s a whammer that leaves feeling like w-w-whut? at the end. And I totally LOVE IT. But maybe I’m not woke enough, maybe I got stuck at the shallow end of all the deepness that abounds now, because all the questions I’ve got about the video are way out of the range of the symbolism and deep meanings that seems to be the majority concern.

I’ve got questions like ‘what was his thought process for the video (concept and execution)? What gave him the ideas? Quite important, how did he communicate it to the team?…’ Considering that he has almost always shown a depth of thought and knowledge in his creative projects, This is America is not out of his perceived capacity. However, I am intrigued by the multitude number of layers that exist in this particular video. How was he able to put it all together and still make it seem so seamless?

From majority reactions, I gathered that Donald has carefully curated his image as a lone-wolf in the forest of rappers that we have. He makes no apologies or explanations for who he is and his shortfalls and this has served to make two clear distinctions of people’s reactions to him and his work; like or dislike. I fell in like with his music when I came across 3005, my best song of his. That song hit me in the right places and got me curious about him. I discovered that whether in like or not, one thing that cannot be denied is his creative depth.

Now, the video has over 110 million views on youtube (14:05:2018) and that’s damn great. How hard is it to get people to stop scrolling, watch, rewatch and THINK in this age? You know the answer to that. With this, Donald has catapulted his brand into multiple spheres all at once; intellectual, entertainment, political, academic…you name it. It’s a stone that takes not just two birds, but a chunk of them. On the not so bright side of this is the benchmark he has raised for himself with this. His next production will be watched and picked apart finer than a whisk whips eggs. Fingers crossed that he’ll not go down low with his coming productions.

On a cheeky note, I wonder if he knows the extent to which he done good to the meme-collectors association. So many meme-worthy shots in the video. Plus, how the hell did he get to be chubby and skinny the same time? Okay, I’ll stop right here.

Want To Know How To Maximize Your Remote Working Arrangement?

Remote working arrangement seems nicely packaged and cute at the beginning (for both employee and employer), but as soon as you start the unwrapping, you keep saying an increasing number of “shit!” in between strings of “yes!”es.

Yes, there will always be pros and cons of all things but in this case, there are times that it seems as if the cons have punched the pros to the ground. Currently in the digital media and communication industry (and other majorly net dependent businesses), remote working is increasingly on the rise. But there are more than small number of companies having issues with it, talking about how there is not as much productivity as expected.Tech point did an insightful study into this. But hey, this doesn’t mean you should throw it all out the window. Those assumptions and prejudices you have about it? Those are what belong to the trash.

Now let’s get to those strategies you can use for maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of your remote working arrangement. For the purpose of brevity I have summarized them under two headings:

Culture break down

Internalizing company culture is not a day thing and it’s definitely harder when it has to happen from through the net. Constant touch ups of what the company is about, the shit it doesn’t take, the attitude it demands, where it is going, how it is moving on the path towards that, when it speaks and when it doesn’t, everything should be clear to the employee in such a way that they become easy to adapt to. This is not just about deliverables. It goes deeper. When a remote employee is well immersed in the company culture, it serves to kick off smaller but deadly cons on the side. Like the feeling of being left out of the loop.

An advantage of this is that your employee will be able to take more initiatives without having a headache of “will this be in line with the company?” and other thumb twiddling questions. And when this happens, you get more innovative ideas, more productivity, new perspectives. Take for instance you live with a diabetic grandma who has a very selective diet. By the time you live with her for few months, you know her routine. You know what is good for her her and what isn’t. Same thing here. Let every employee know everything if possible about your company culture and values.

Prioritize Communication in all Forms

You know how it is in an office environment, how Susan will peep into John’s cubicle just to ‘holla’. How you share a couple of clinks when a deadline is met. Easy flow of communication and camaraderie yes? You should have that flow with your remote employees too. A “hey, so what is going on with you?” during lunch hour serves to prod your employees to get more involved and ready to bust ass.

Not every time official mails, creating a friendly atmosphere or relations doesn’t end in the office. Encourage a constant flow of communication among your employees in such a way that no one is left feeling as if the bus has left leaving him/her in the rain.

Miscommunication is also one thing you definitely want to avoid. State in clear terms what you want done, how you want it and when you want it. Any change occurs, make sure you communicate. This is one of the major problems of remote working arrangements. You say “b” and your employee hears “a”. Sometimes, a slight change in trickling down of instructions passed from heads to the workers causes this. For example you tell a team head to “build a box”. Team head passes the instruction down to sub-team heads in the office as “build a box”. Eventually, the remote worker gets the instruction as “build boxes” or “design boxes”. We all know in design agencies, little changes in vocabularies can end up affecting a lot. Therefore, keep your brief instructions simple and clear and always request for feedback. Always.

When it comes to problems, there is always a root cause. In the case of remote working arrangements, that cause is communication really. Here’s a challenge; create an effective and efficient communication structure for all your remote working arrangements. Test-run it and let’s see if it works or not.

Point to note: make sure you take the nature of the job’s requirements into consideration before adopting a remote working arrangement. There have been a lot of arguments on remote working, like this one here, but really it majorly depends on the job responsibilities and requirements and how adaptable they are.

Have you been involved in a remote working arrangement (either as an employer or employee) before? What do you have to say about it? Share your thoughts in the comments box.

A Peep Into The Year 2018

From political shocks to borderless internet trends, Twitter bombs, and rapid awakening of AI, 2017 earned the tag “A year of extremes”, will 2018 surpass this ?  No one knows for sure.

Here’s a peep into what the year has in stock, enjoy!

January: Elon Musk plans to launch his red Tesla Roadster to Mars orbit.

February 9-25: The 2018 Winter Olympics to be held  in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The host nation’s not-so-friendly neighbours from the North might also make appearance at the games.  And of course, Naija’s own Bobsled girls will represent the country at Winter Olympics.

April: Prince William and Kate Middleton will (likely) deliver third child.

May 19: Prince Harry will marry American actress, Meghan Markle.

June 14: The 2018 FIFA world cup is scheduled to be held in Russia.

June 24: Saudi Arabia will allow women to drive.

July 2: Mars will make its closest approach to Earth since 2003.

Let’s bring it back home for a while. In Nigeria, we expect 2018 to be a year of politics and political dramas. The gubernatorial elections for Osun and Ekiti state are set to hold this year. Also, the 2019 elections campaigners will definitely get in the ring this year after the main parties, APC and PDP conclude their primaries .

In the world of fashion, major brands are already on course for their 2018 plans. For instance, Gucci will to become fur-free, no more of those soft cozy fur jackets. Animal rights activists will be pleased.  Also, French luxury brand Chanel is set to open its first outlet in the Philippines by the first quarter of 2018. Generally, we expect the following trends to rule 2018 fashion scene: Statement earrings, Berets, Wide-leg pants, Derma Rollers, side slit action, Ol-school Denim, Sleek and wavy hair, Larger-than-life lashes, Geo-nails, Long layers,, Sheer socks, extreme hair lengths, Bright shadows. Colours and more colours. Be prepared for ultra violet shocks.

In world entertainment, sit tight and expect some major bars from foreign Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Major Lazer, Fall out boy, Charli XCX, MGMT, Interpol, Craig David, Owl city, Celine Dion, Selena Gomez and Toni Braxton. We don’t have to emphasize the heavy anticipation for The Avengers Infinity Wars right? If we’re going by the quality of the teaser, then for sure 2018 is about to be a damn good year. Other movies to watch out for : The much anticipated Black Panther set for release this year. Also, Fifty Shades Freed debuts on the 9th February.

In the tech world, we’ve had some major brands and personalities announce their plans for 2018:

Google will ditch Symantec security certificates, stopping it from the release of Chrome 66 in 2018.

Donald Trump has ambitious plans to campaign in 2018 midterms. Hello Twiworld, you ain’t seen nothing.

Apple will likely release three new iPhone models in 2018, one of which will be a mobile with bendable curved display.

To show the tussle is still on, Samsung announced that it plans to release a foldable smartphone in 2018, seems 2018 will be the year of flexible mobiles.

We can confidently say 2018 will be a year of giant steps (and fights), you have two options: grab your popcorn and watch or join in the fray, we’ll take the second.

Here’s to kicking asses!

The “BC” era designer.

So the season got us thinking, from a design POV, LOL.

And you know when you think deep, you start asking questions. We eventually found ourselves wondering what type of cradle an expectant father, who also doubled as a  furniture designer, would have designed for the bundle of Joy to come. We really would love to know, but since we can’t, we’d like to know what YOU would have designed for your baby if you were Joseph.

So we designed a Cradle Sketch Contest (see video below) to see the amazing cradle designs Nigerians can come up with. Simply create your own cradle design concept and share with us using #onewildcradle

Sketch, Upload and Tag us on  Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the #onewildcradle

The best design wins a special gift.

Let’s see what you got!!


Terms & Conditions:

  • Entrants must NOT be younger than 15 or older than 30.
  • The entry submitted must be an original work.
  • Entry must be clear and visible enough for judging.
  • ONEWILDCARD has the right to request proof of original sketch.
  • Entries must be uploaded on a social media platform to qualify.
  • Decisions of judges on all matters during judging are final.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed.
  • Entry must be submitted by 11:59pm 19th of January, 2018.
  • Winner will be announced in January 2018.
  • By submitting an entry, the entrant hereby grants ONEWILDCARD and its agents an irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive license to publish and use the entry in any publication, advertisement, marketing or promotional material

Copywriting Heaven Is A Lie

My fingers were poised over the keyboard ready to start writing some goody two shoes topic but then I thought “hell nawl, I’m writing about this shrew called copy-writing”. This time last year, the closest I knew about what copy-writing is almost nothing. Even the little I thought I knew is wrong.

A minute’s silence for those times I thought copy-writing is a glamorous job that just requires you to write one-liners and the bucks start rolling in, just like that.

Shame on those people that led me to believe so. Vie on them! Yes I’m pained.

You know, when I started with it my thought was,

“how hard can it be to write a line? Pfft! Don’t I pull out paragraphs easy peasy?”

But then it turned out to be a real bitch of a task. And the worst part? One is never enough. You have to write gazillions of lines before one is approved after you might have fasted and prayed. As if that’s not enough, the client will take one snooty look at the Chosen Copy and say,

“what’s this? This is horrible, it doesn’t capture our essence”



What essence?! (It is with great restraint that I’m stopping with that)

I tried. Oh I tried. You know how it is when you believe something should be easy for you to do but then it’s proving to be a mountain of tar on which you’re flopping like a newly hatched baby bird with broken wings? You start thinking,

“am I doing something wrong? Is there something I’m missing? Is a part of my brain momentarily out of service?…”

I found myself digging up articles on copy-writing (and content writing). I went hard at it, so hard that my chrome browser popped me a message that “this activity is unusual”. I had to affirm that I’m still the one using the app and not some random naughty bot. Result? It’s still one hell of a task getting a copy right.

Nobody tells you about the long, tedious hours you’ll use researching. Never, NEVER have I thought that much research will be needed to produce five or six innocent looking words. Which is why when I tell someone I do copy-writing and the person goes,

“oh, you mean you’re one of those guys that just write those few words on the ads?”

“No Titus, I don’t JUST write those few words, I BLED them out you annoying insensitive homo sapien!”

The worst part is when the person has temerity to sound bored, be rest assured I’m mentally casting that person into Satan’s armpit along with my sorrows and pains. If the murderous thoughts of copywriters at the moment their copies are rejected can be quantified, I’m sure it can power Kim Jong-un’s rocket.

Do you know the funniest thing? I still read those “30 rules every successful copywriter must learn” articles. In case you don’t believe me, I’ve listed my latest reads below for you. If you’re a copy writer, you might get something from them. Hopefully.

Now that my rant is over, I’m crawling back behind my desk to resume squeezing what copies (and content) I can from my highly stressed brain. You have similar pains? Tell me about them by commenting in the box below this post.

Click on the links below to get some copywriting tips

Copy to Convert

Power Writing Tips

***This article is strictly the view of O.A. Mariam.

GTBank Fshn Wknd; A Home-run.


Many came to get gawked at. How else will I describe the intention of someone, a guy for instance who breezed into the venue in crudely cut waist coat, a torn shirt, sliced-by-the-sides trousers and sneakers?

I really need to improve my poker face game. Each time I see an outrageous outfit I couldn’t stop my cheeks from bulging with laughter. Although some were quite creative, like a lady wearing a recycled disposable cups dress, others were just blatantly ridiculous. I caught quite a number wearing winter boots! In Nigeria, knee length winter boots.

The crop of people at the event was an interesting mix; from the bloggers to the designers to the fashion enthusiasts. It was a really great place for networking and gawking at sights (like the long, long legs of the models. They looked like swans in the ankle socks, crotch shorts and flimsy tops).

Saw some really creative designs too like this paper dress.

During the master classes on the first day, we were given GTBank branded gift bags. Funny thing was I was expecting a T-shirt when I saw a transparent pack in the bag. So I was surprised when I got home and met a raincoat.

“Why will they give a raincoat when the rains have gone away?” I asked in annoyance, flipping the bag.

But it turned out that it’s an accurate foresight on the part of GTBank. Rain did fall on the second day (and beat the annoyance out of me too. I ended up looking like a wet sack of potatoes, not funny at all).

This points to the fact that the planners paid extreme attention to details, down to the weather forecast. Or is it just coincidence? Everything was seamless. And that annoying phenomenon called African Time was not in the least present.

Added to this is the positioning of the picture boards showcasing the bank’s logo and colours. Almost every picture taken there by attendees has either the colour, the logo or the event design in the background.

However, the major aspect most of the regular attendees were all about is that attendance was free. Many were expecting that they won’t be allowed into classes or the runway show because they didn’t/couldn’t register but they were. For them, that’s a huge point.

Why will GTBank do this? What’s the relationship between a bank and a fashion show? Simply put, it’s marketing. What the bank is doing is placing itself in the subconscious of as many as possible, inducing a bias towards the bank when it comes to banking options. The amount of positive exposure it has got and is still getting from the event will not be possible through advertisement. The bank has shown a side of it that connects with many in its target market and this, is a brilliant marketing strategy.

Patiently waiting for next years GTBank Fashion Weekend. Hopefully, I won’t be asked if I’ve caught a fish, sorry, a man when I get back home.