#OneWildTweet: That Time A Tweet Got Tweeple AND Non-Tweeple Hopping.


We love anything that bombs away all forms of boxes, exploding in our faces. Wild things. Wild people. Wild events. For these, we have started the #OneWildSeries.

Just as we’re about to go a-hunting for a subject for this week, we stopped short and said “hey, how about that tweet that got everyone buzzing earlier this year? Skipping it will be blasphemy!” You probably know about it (if you haven’t this might just make your day) but you definitely haven’t read about it this way.

Here goes:

One bland day like that, while everyone was busy busting balls, there came this seemingly ordinary tweet about a badass picture of Rihanna and Lupita from 18000SADGAL (bless her obviously not so sad heart). At first it all seemed like a joke that will die out. Then some Tweeple jumped on it and before you can blink twice the thread went viral.

But still it was all just some people having fun with their imaginations until the two sucess veterans pitched in, saying they’re down for it. That’s when everyone went all excited. Even then, there was still the back end thoughts that it was a joke, albeit a very interesting and exciting one.

Then shit got real when Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae got in on the action. That’s when it began to look something is really going to come out of it. Sometime later, confirmations were made that it’s actually going to happen. And that’s how a film was born out of Twitter. Production begins in 2018, not so far now right? Netflix, sharp guys, are already on board.

We all know Riri works the hell out of all she does (and looks real good while doing it) and Lupita… an Oscar isn’t isn’t something you get playing mediocre. So all bets are out that this film will be worth the while.

This goes a long way to show how crazy opportunities can pop up at any damn time with all the right context present. So hey, always be ready to hop; your wildest imagination might just become reality.

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