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The “BC” era designer.

So the season got us thinking, from a design POV, LOL.

And you know when you think deep, you start asking questions. We eventually found ourselves wondering what type of cradle an expectant father, who also doubled as a  furniture designer, would have designed for the bundle of Joy to come. We really would love to know, but since we can’t, we’d like to know what YOU would have designed for your baby if you were Joseph.

So we designed a Cradle Sketch Contest (see video below) to see the amazing cradle designs Nigerians can come up with. Simply create your own cradle design concept and share with us using #onewildcradle

Sketch, Upload and Tag us on  Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the #onewildcradle

The best design wins a special gift.

Let’s see what you got!!


Terms & Conditions:

  • Entrants must NOT be younger than 15 or older than 30.
  • The entry submitted must be an original work.
  • Entry must be clear and visible enough for judging.
  • ONEWILDCARD has the right to request proof of original sketch.
  • Entries must be uploaded on a social media platform to qualify.
  • Decisions of judges on all matters during judging are final.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed.
  • Entry must be submitted by 11:59pm 19th of January, 2018.
  • Winner will be announced in January 2018.
  • By submitting an entry, the entrant hereby grants ONEWILDCARD and its agents an irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive license to publish and use the entry in any publication, advertisement, marketing or promotional material

Copywriting Heaven Is A Lie

My fingers were poised over the keyboard ready to start writing some goody two shoes topic but then I thought “hell nawl, I’m writing about this shrew called copy-writing”. This time last year, the closest I knew about what copy-writing is almost nothing. Even the little I thought I knew is wrong.

A minute’s silence for those times I thought copy-writing is a glamorous job that just requires you to write one-liners and the bucks start rolling in, just like that.

Shame on those people that led me to believe so. Vie on them! Yes I’m pained.

You know, when I started with it my thought was,

“how hard can it be to write a line? Pfft! Don’t I pull out paragraphs easy peasy?”

But then it turned out to be a real bitch of a task. And the worst part? One is never enough. You have to write gazillions of lines before one is approved after you might have fasted and prayed. As if that’s not enough, the client will take one snooty look at the Chosen Copy and say,

“what’s this? This is horrible, it doesn’t capture our essence”



What essence?! (It is with great restraint that I’m stopping with that)

I tried. Oh I tried. You know how it is when you believe something should be easy for you to do but then it’s proving to be a mountain of tar on which you’re flopping like a newly hatched baby bird with broken wings? You start thinking,

“am I doing something wrong? Is there something I’m missing? Is a part of my brain momentarily out of service?…”

I found myself digging up articles on copy-writing (and content writing). I went hard at it, so hard that my chrome browser popped me a message that “this activity is unusual”. I had to affirm that I’m still the one using the app and not some random naughty bot. Result? It’s still one hell of a task getting a copy right.

Nobody tells you about the long, tedious hours you’ll use researching. Never, NEVER have I thought that much research will be needed to produce five or six innocent looking words. Which is why when I tell someone I do copy-writing and the person goes,

“oh, you mean you’re one of those guys that just write those few words on the ads?”

“No Titus, I don’t JUST write those few words, I BLED them out you annoying insensitive homo sapien!”

The worst part is when the person has temerity to sound bored, be rest assured I’m mentally casting that person into Satan’s armpit along with my sorrows and pains. If the murderous thoughts of copywriters at the moment their copies are rejected can be quantified, I’m sure it can power Kim Jong-un’s rocket.

Do you know the funniest thing? I still read those “30 rules every successful copywriter must learn” articles. In case you don’t believe me, I’ve listed my latest reads below for you. If you’re a copy writer, you might get something from them. Hopefully.

Now that my rant is over, I’m crawling back behind my desk to resume squeezing what copies (and content) I can from my highly stressed brain. You have similar pains? Tell me about them by commenting in the box below this post.

Click on the links below to get some copywriting tips

Copy to Convert

Power Writing Tips

***This article is strictly the view of O.A. Mariam.

#OneWildSeries: One Wild Jump


Death-defying. Stunning. Incredible. Terrifying. Bombastic…

These were some of the words used to describe the Red Bull Stratos Jump by Felix Baumgartner. And truth be told, that jump was all of these words combined and more. How else do you want to describe a jump from the edge of space?

Red Bull is one energy drink that is known across the whole world.  As a child, I remember listening with awe as an older boy talked about how muscles will pop out of our arms immediately we drink the contents of the can. The only thing that kept me from daring to go ahead was my mother’s painful thorough whipping that rendered butts useless for days and his little caveat; we might become so filled with energy that we will run mad. Although this was an extreme view of what the drink can do, a lot of people will agree that it is a true energy drink that ‘works’.

It’s not for nothing that Red Bull spends boggling amounts of money on marketing and branding. Worldwide, the drink has come to be associated with daring, with pushing the envelope.

The Stratos Jump was a very daring (and expensive) marketing move for Red Bull. How can millions (over 52million) watch a human can of Red Bull charging through spheres and not be converted into  Red Bull fans? The exposure that the jump gave the brand across all platforms is stunning in its entirety and would have taken tens of millions of dollars to get that same amount of exposure using normal adverts.

Felix jumped from the stratosphere for a total of 9.09 minutes, free-falling at supersonic speed for 4.22 minutes of that time. That’s scary, especially for someone like me who is height-unfriendly (that’s a cute way of saying I’m scared of heights).

Of course it wasn’t a top of the hat decision and stunt. Preparation and training were going on for 5 years after the idea was conceived and approved in 2005. Felix himself has been skydiving for Red Bull since 1988 but this was a major.

The jump went ahead to break 5 Guinness Book of records feats, one of which is the Highest Freefall record. Owner,  Dietrich Mateschitz claimed it wasn’t a marketing stunt, “if this were just a marketing gimmick it would never work”. But hey, a few percent jump in profits doesn’t hurt right?

Click right here to read more on the Red Bull Stratos jump. What daring stunt have you pulled before? Comment in the box below.


#BallBusters Series: Helen Landsdowne Resor


When it comes to raking in firsts, Helen is a boss. As the first female copywriter, she blazed a path wide enough for those coming behind. You know that time when women were not allowed to vote? Her copy writing career started then. Must have been hell of a fight getting her thoughts heard right? I imagine she must have been regarded (at first) at work with as much affection as you have for a stack of bills. But looking at her profile today, she did a hell of a great job getting her self out there. So great in fact that AdAge has her as #14 on the list of 100 advertising people of the 20th century.

Helen was one of those bold enough to introduce sexual themes in magazine ads in those days. In case you have no idea, the “hot look” of then is the “modest look” now. A man, then, could get an apoplexy from glimpsing a lady’s shank.

Helen Landsdowne Resor

Apart from this she introduced the use of celebrities in adverts, leveraging on the reach of their audience to the advantage of the brands she advertised for. Power of testimonials was also one of her innovative styles that she used in getting the interest of target audiences. Because of these, she was crowned master of conversion writing.

Her copy writing game is off the scale, pushing boundaries and grinding accepted rules to dust. As long as the copy is believable and not fairy tale spun string of words, she’s for it. Simply put, she’s a “copy bender”, one of her kind.

Remember the Mad Men era? Good. There were the Mad Women and Helen is a lead of the pack. She kick-started agency initiatives that supported women, growing to wield huge creative influence at the time.

Currently, she has an international scholarship in her name. If that’s not a testament for you that this ball buster is a legend, you can read this article again.


Data Should Be on Your Priority List.


As you’re reading this, I am stealthily breaking through your firewall, sneaking through files containing your data and gathering as much as I can. At the same time, I am getting access to your (e-)behavioral data, tracking your behaviour across all online platforms. Are you surprised (and maybe alarmed)?

You shouldn’t be.

This has actually been going on for ages, just that I am not the one doing this. And no, there’s no escape unless you want to move down to an obscure jungle to live and have a cute little beast as a (tree)house mate. And you know what? Even then it will be very hard to escape technological invasion of your life. So let’s quit that thought and accept the fact that almost everyone is connected these days. When you’re online, behind every step you take are little bots or software tracking you, taking down your data and creating an e-version of you. This, is what’s called dark interactions.

“Smart” (meaning computerized) products producers make use of the results of these dark interactions either legally or illegally, to draw you in. Resultantly, they create opportunities for the obsolescence of unautomated products, hitting wells of revenues for themselves. Computers are everywhere now, everything is smart down to your pen and shoes. Like an extra sneaky cat, computers have quietly infused their existence into our lives such that imagining life without them is like imagining the orange man without his hair.

I remember reading about this in Dan Brown’s Origin (have you read it?); computers taking over the world. Immersing themselves into a symbiotic relationship with us such that we become driven by each other. We all now have an automated personal assistant aka our phones that we rely on to crank our hustle dial up. Just like Alan Turing predicted, computers have become our companions and many of us can’t do without them.

With the explosion of smart products in the market in the past ten years, the question is no longer what you need. Rather it’s a question of what you want, how you want it and when. Computers, computers everywhere but not enough sense to create utility. Thankfully now we have accounts like Internet of Shit to help us sieve through the load of bullshit that’s spun and thrown to us as “the next smart product” to have.

Let me quickly add this: As a brand strategist (and everything Digital marketing and communication related), you have to seek out as much data as you can to help you put out more value. Data A good place to start will be Google Trends. Click here to get more data insight gathering tools. This will help you respond in real time to your consumers’ perceived needs and wants. You won’t have content, content everywhere but no relevance or engagement.