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F1 Logo Redesign; Thoughts

How will you feel when you turn on your phone and you see a totally new theme and interface, all your icons unrecognizable and some even deleted? That’s more or less how F1 fans currently feel about the new logo that the company is sporting. To them, it is unwanted, unloved, ugly.

But that’s their sense of comfort-ability with the old logo reacting, we all know in the next few months the new logo will grow on them. It’s already growing on me as a matter of fact. Reason? I’ve seen more of the new logo than the old in the last few days and now, it’s looking much better than the first time I saw it. That’s human psychology in play; show a picture as many times as you can and it becomes accepted, even seen as “not too bad”.

With this new logo, Liberty has taken a bold step that hopefully, will result in a generally positive outlook of the sports in the next seasons. This is actually no surprise. Since Liberty bought the commercial rights of the company (from Bernie Ecclestone for a whooping 6billion dollars), it has been making some, albeit minor, changes.

The thrill of F1 has reduced to a sputter in recent years, leaving behind wisps of the personality of the sport and disengaging the gear of new fan acquisition. Even, old fans don’t feel the same level of euphoria, sense of daring and excitement as before. Case in point, the recently concluded 2017 season which is described as uneventful as watching the thousandth rerun of your favourite film. Therefore, something has to be done to catch the interest of as many as possible and get a nice spark from the F1 lovers. And what better way to achieve this than hitting at a major identity of the sport?

Logo redesign is something brands and companies have to do from time to time whether to acquire new customers and/or reconnect with old ones. The key however is knowing the right time to do it. Usually, it is done when there’s change in ownership and rights, just like the recent case of 9Mobile (nee Etisalat). It is also done when a new life needs to be injected into a brand to get it more “mouth coverage” and to keep a brand’s outlook updated and in sync with the current trends in its industry. For instance, there was a time in the design industry when everyone was all up for clunky fonts, colours and oval shapes. Now the trend is minimalism, negative space and parallel lines. Imagine Google still using their logo from fifteen years back, wouldn’t that be like you asking your ancestor for a selfie?

Yes, people will talk and protest but when a new logo (or logo facelift) is needed for your brand/company, then do it. Afterall, will you advertise new cereal in a faded old box? I think not.

Oh Yes, We Are.


Once again, with the recent poster exhibition at the London Transport Museum, we are reminded of the understated recognition of women creatives. You might be surprised to learn that they are actually many, these women, and quite a number of them have made ball (and ceiling) breaking contributions in their niche.

At the said exhibition which was to celebrate the female designers who designed posters for the Transport for London (from as far back as 1910), some women’s pictures could not be found. Reason? They’ve had their faces faded into the worn out fabric of history leaving just a pitiful whisper of their person and works.

This is not good and we have decided to do something about it. We’re starting the #BallBusterWoman series; spotlighting creative women around the world who have shattered all levels of normal and ordinary in their fields. We hope this will in a way, bring to recognition these women and their works while inspiring those coming behind.

For today, we recognize the Poster Girls whose works were exhibited at the Museum. Sadly, most of their names have been lost. Among those whose works are on exhibition are:

Sandra Fisher

Gillian Ayres

Dora M Batty

Laura Knight

Edin Marx

Mabel Lucie Attwell

Mary Koop

Sheila Stratton

Dorrit Dekk

Carol Barker

Jennie Tuffs

Louisa St. Pierre

Ruth Hydes

Arnrid Johnston

We hope you’ll enjoy this series very much.

Google Just Backed Up The Fact That The World Is A Lonely Place.


Imagine Google coming alive and confronting you with your searches, those searches that leave you a bit shamefaced, those ones you asked in places where your screen is hidden from other faces, will you wish to slither into the pores of the earth?

Of course there’s only a minuscle chance of that happening (never say never yes?). I definitely will be scandalized if my Google searches of “how to add weight (in choice areas)” is broadcast to my family and friends.

As ridiculous as those private searches of yours may be,  you might be relieved to learn you’re not the only one who asked those questions. Of course it’s general knowledge that Google has been keeping tabs on all inputs, resulting in a universe of database from which we all pull needed information (you know Google is simply a large gathering of human minds right?). But it recently went a step further to create a search map showing the density of peculiar searches from each part of the world. The focus is on “how to” searches and from the data gathered by Google, they have increased by 140% since 2014.

The “how to”s are amusing (and sad) in a way. “How to kiss, get pregnant, draw, fix toilets…” People, how did we get here?

Let’s put aside the amusing peculiarities and similarities of countries and talk about what this says about us all as human beings and our current state.

It’s obvious we have drifted apart; chasms dividing each person from the other such that each has only a thin bridge linking to another. Rather than turn to, say a friend or sibling for comfort we feel much more comfortable cuddling into the invisible arms of a jumble of data.

How did we get here?

The answer, if we’re going to be honest, is there in our snappish answers and disinterest. But we are going to do nothing about it, right? We’re just going to carry living on our little islands like we don’t care right?

I hope not.

You can find the map here >>>


Samsung Just Told Us Again That Apple Still Gives It A Major Headache.

Ego tripping comes in all forms; from a kid’s “my daddy’s car is better than yours” to a grownup’s “get outta my face with your twisted, split ended plastic weave”. Almost everyone wants to be (seen as?) better than others. Brands are not left out. Barbed jabs are thrown in form of ads, barely concealed with faux veil of mystery surrounding the competitor in focus.

Now, you know of the two mobile technology brands that are always like Trump and The Rocket Man? Yes, those ones. For a while now, the two giants have been still. Until recently when Samsung stirred and threw a shot at Apple. It wasn’t even a shot, it was a kaboom in the guise of a TV commercial titled “Growing Up”. This latest comparative advert is bold and egoistic, a blatant ‘in your face’ to Apple. It hit hard, just like The Next Big Thing ad series of 2014. Basically Samsung wants us, the consumers, to file it in our memory drives that it has been consistently innovative than Apple in the past ten years.

Although Samsung has got quite adept at balancing the tricky stick between humour and targeted ‘shades’ quite well, it has unwittingly made it glaring that Apple is a big log in its eye. This is the flip-side of comparative advertising; you are in a way admitting your competitor gives you a hell of a migraine. You are positioning yourself as an under dog. To look on the positive side, this position can be of advantage if you know how to work it. So far, Samsung is doing a good job.

Do Apple’s fans care? Maybe not. Yes, in recent years Apple’s edge as a radical innovator has become as blunt as a 100year old grandma’s tooth. Many know this, but that hasn’t stopped the product orders from raining. Why? Apple has built its brand in such a way that its products have become a signature of relevance in new age culture, placing focus on aesthetics, exclusivity and existing tech improvement. Meanwhile Samsung has positioned itself as a direct competitor to Apple, shouting itself hoarse with “I’m better, buy me, I’m better!”

On a lighter note, it may yet be that Samsung’s yells are finally being heard. At the GTBank Fashion Weekend 2017, we heard more than a couple of A-listers expressing interest in buying the Samsung S8 majorly because of the camera. Though this is as a result of a functionality fail on the part of Apple and not the dissing ad, Samsung may well be coming out of Apple’s shadow where it placed itself. But if it turns out that all that the Growing Up commercial ends up being is just an expensive corporate ego trip with no positive effect on sales, Samsung can console itself with the fact that at least we were entertained.




GTBank Fshn Wknd; A Home-run.


Many came to get gawked at. How else will I describe the intention of someone, a guy for instance who breezed into the venue in crudely cut waist coat, a torn shirt, sliced-by-the-sides trousers and sneakers?

I really need to improve my poker face game. Each time I see an outrageous outfit I couldn’t stop my cheeks from bulging with laughter. Although some were quite creative, like a lady wearing a recycled disposable cups dress, others were just blatantly ridiculous. I caught quite a number wearing winter boots! In Nigeria, knee length winter boots.

The crop of people at the event was an interesting mix; from the bloggers to the designers to the fashion enthusiasts. It was a really great place for networking and gawking at sights (like the long, long legs of the models. They looked like swans in the ankle socks, crotch shorts and flimsy tops).

Saw some really creative designs too like this paper dress.

During the master classes on the first day, we were given GTBank branded gift bags. Funny thing was I was expecting a T-shirt when I saw a transparent pack in the bag. So I was surprised when I got home and met a raincoat.

“Why will they give a raincoat when the rains have gone away?” I asked in annoyance, flipping the bag.

But it turned out that it’s an accurate foresight on the part of GTBank. Rain did fall on the second day (and beat the annoyance out of me too. I ended up looking like a wet sack of potatoes, not funny at all).

This points to the fact that the planners paid extreme attention to details, down to the weather forecast. Or is it just coincidence? Everything was seamless. And that annoying phenomenon called African Time was not in the least present.

Added to this is the positioning of the picture boards showcasing the bank’s logo and colours. Almost every picture taken there by attendees has either the colour, the logo or the event design in the background.

However, the major aspect most of the regular attendees were all about is that attendance was free. Many were expecting that they won’t be allowed into classes or the runway show because they didn’t/couldn’t register but they were. For them, that’s a huge point.

Why will GTBank do this? What’s the relationship between a bank and a fashion show? Simply put, it’s marketing. What the bank is doing is placing itself in the subconscious of as many as possible, inducing a bias towards the bank when it comes to banking options. The amount of positive exposure it has got and is still getting from the event will not be possible through advertisement. The bank has shown a side of it that connects with many in its target market and this, is a brilliant marketing strategy.

Patiently waiting for next years GTBank Fashion Weekend. Hopefully, I won’t be asked if I’ve caught a fish, sorry, a man when I get back home.

Lamborghini, Pope Francis and Papal Blessings.


“You can’t kill two birds with a stone”

Lamborghini just smashed this notion into the dust where it blew to smithereens and dissapeared on the wings of new age strategic advertising and marketing. You’ve learnt about the Papal Huracan Lamborghini by now, the one ceremoniously gifted to Pope Francis by the company.

The reason given for the eye wateringly expensive gesture was so it will be auctioned. But hey, look at it this way; if Lamborghini is so interested in charity why not directly donate to the charities? Then, wouldn’t it have been quite a shock if the Pope dumped his modest pope-mobile for the Lambo? Imagine the ripple that will cause, reactions going 0-100 in 3seconds. Therefore it is expected that it will be auctioned off in a rev.

What Lamborghini did is good old celebrity (make this Papal) endorsement albeit subtly and with as minimal risk as possible. A strategy that will positively affect its stocks, that has brought the Huracan to the attention of many especially the ‘children of the Pope’ (some of who will buy), has lent a saintly glow to the brand and will of course be a point of positive reference for the brand in future. So make that four birds, not two.

Of course Lambo could have gone the conventional way of donating directly to the charities and somehow have it in the news that it did. But who will give much of a damn about another giant making a show of good conscience? That’s if it even gets a fair amount of media coverage. Putting a smile on the Queen bee’s face however ensures that the nest goes abuzz and everyone knows something is going on. This gives the brand the access to tap into the activation base of the Pope’s followers, inducing an urge to learn more about the brand and its products.

The weight of Pope Francis as a brand is heavy enough to have a reasonable positive ripple effect on Lamborghini for a long time. He is not the typical celebrity that will more often than not be involved in scandals. His followers are numerous and fiercely loyal. He is associated with holiness, has just the right postioning politically and in the media. Therefore, even if this covert marketing of the product and brand didn’t translate to as much sales as expected, it’s still a win for the brand. A holy signature guarantees this.



This Is Lagos, It Doesn’t Smile.


Lagos is that bully that trains you well on how shitty life can be. There are times when it will seem that underneath all that tough exoskeleton lies something soft like a heart but be ye not deceived, soft doesn’t have a place in Lagos. It is just a ploy to get you to lower your defence and slam you down harder.

If you’re new to Lagos, then welcome. Note though, this might be the only special welcome you’ll get. Here, there’s no time for all that good old politeness and courtesy. You’re either ready to kick ass(es) or ready to be a foot mat.

There will be times you will be horrified or terrified or both. Like those times you’ll see a bus driver strip butt naked with his forest and pillar of life and urine for all to see. Don’t bother about looking for the reason why, you might get a near apoplexy due to the flimsiness of it. Or like those times you’ll see a young boy dangling from a thin white rope in a shed by the roadside on your way home. Or see a poor soul receiving a destiny reset mode beating that will make your eyes twitch in horror at the crunch of each blow. These times, your feet might suffer a momentary glitch in their movement process, that is, they might freeze and get rooted. Unfreeze them and keep moving. In Lagos, you must keep your ass moving.

Okay, to come clean with you, it’s not that Lagos is all toughness and no fun. You can actually have mad fun in Lagos. Why won’t you anyway? Or where else will you spend your money at? See, the money you make in Lagos stays in Lagos. Unless you have learned perfectly how to take what’s yours without giving even a tiny hot damn what the consequences will be.

That’s one of the best features of this city; it teaches you to take what’s yours, to not be a dumb ass. Nobody here will spoon feed or pamper you. Nobody will tell you to grow some needed guts if you came with none. Nobody gives a damn about you. When you’re being kicked by the city, her children will come by to watch you wail. Then when you’re wiping your snot and tears, they’ll take what’s left of what you have.

But… yes, there’s a but. You’ll read that next week. Before then, let’s talk about this;

What unforgettable experience have you had in a major city (anywhere in the world)?


#OneWildTweet: That Time A Tweet Got Tweeple AND Non-Tweeple Hopping.


We love anything that bombs away all forms of boxes, exploding in our faces. Wild things. Wild people. Wild events. For these, we have started the #OneWildSeries.

Just as we’re about to go a-hunting for a subject for this week, we stopped short and said “hey, how about that tweet that got everyone buzzing earlier this year? Skipping it will be blasphemy!” You probably know about it (if you haven’t this might just make your day) but you definitely haven’t read about it this way.

Here goes:

One bland day like that, while everyone was busy busting balls, there came this seemingly ordinary tweet about a badass picture of Rihanna and Lupita from 18000SADGAL (bless her obviously not so sad heart). At first it all seemed like a joke that will die out. Then some Tweeple jumped on it and before you can blink twice the thread went viral.

But still it was all just some people having fun with their imaginations until the two sucess veterans pitched in, saying they’re down for it. That’s when everyone went all excited. Even then, there was still the back end thoughts that it was a joke, albeit a very interesting and exciting one.

Then shit got real when Ava DuVernay and Issa Rae got in on the action. That’s when it began to look something is really going to come out of it. Sometime later, confirmations were made that it’s actually going to happen. And that’s how a film was born out of Twitter. Production begins in 2018, not so far now right? Netflix, sharp guys, are already on board.

We all know Riri works the hell out of all she does (and looks real good while doing it) and Lupita… an Oscar isn’t isn’t something you get playing mediocre. So all bets are out that this film will be worth the while.

This goes a long way to show how crazy opportunities can pop up at any damn time with all the right context present. So hey, always be ready to hop; your wildest imagination might just become reality.